Fire Them? No Free UP Their Future – And YOURS!

I was working with a client recently who asked “Can you help me find better people?” That’s not something I’ve done in the past for clients even though it’s a skill I could apply… so I said “yes”What I find fascinating – even today in 2013, is how many companies are still tolerating “terribly bad behavior” in their employees. There is absolutely no reason to do that – and especially now when there are so many good people out of work who are begging for the opportunity to tie their talent to your company.So what am I seeing…1. Horrible phone skills. It’s almost a laziness on the phone. When calling companies to check out their phone skills, the worst ones either act like I’m bothering them by placing the call, or have no incentive to find the answer to the question I ask. Did you know that often I will ask for their President’s name and many. MANY cannot tell me? This is the company that is allowing them to purchase their groceries this week and they have had no interest to find out who that is.2. Texting and personal phone calls… and yes even IPODS. Some of my clients have businesses where their team members where aprons or uniforms with front pockets. You see these people with their hands in that pocket, looking down, texting all day long. Many are playing games – even though they will tell you “it’s family”. And I actually saw a person with a wire coming out of their ear. At first I thought they must be deaf – but no it was an IPOD. This was in a department store and when they were questioned by their boss, their reply was simply “I’m listening to music – with just one ear – I can hear the customers if they need me.” Seriously?3. No timing. What do I mean by that? Coming in late for work, back from lunch, taking extra time to return from a meeting. They think it’s a little thing but it affects everyone in the workforce. Others wonder why THEY think they can break the rules. And it shows a lack of self-discipline in controlling their time more effectively.So what can you do? FREE UP THEIR FUTURE1. Call them in and make sure you are communicating your expectations. Ask them why they are working for YOU and let them know in order to continue doing that – THEY need a plan of action to correct these issues. Maybe they will ask for training, a new alarm clock, an additional phone line installed in the office. Make sure they know it’s THEIR problem and THEIR solution that you are counting on for success. No-one likes to be TOLD what to do so by asking their input, you are showing them respect and also empowering them to fix the issue.2. If the problem does not get fixed, let them know that was their choice not to fix the problem and that it’s time to FREE up their future so that they can find a job that they can thrive in. Your future is then open to add people who value your company as much as you do! There are plenty of high quality people are there who want a job!